Everything we do is about contributing and sharing the load so we are able to bring our gifts to Black Rock City. We all take part and do a number of shifts as needed each year.

1. Build camp – The org gives us a number of passes that allow us to come in early to build the camp and be ready when Burning man starts on Sunday @ 6pm. Let me know if you’ll be available to come early.

2023 build dates: August 25-27


  • arrive morning
  • get RV and cars parked
  • measure out and map camp locations with flags
  • setup fuel storage area
  • setup tent area
  • lounge/kitchen areas


  • continue from day before
  • setup ball field
  • setup dome


  • continue from day before
  • setup bar in the dome
  • decorations
  • lights

2. AwesomeBall! – we have big blow up balls that people strap into and use to bash against each other. You will be calling people to come play and helping them get into the balls.

3. unStable Bar – we run an afternoon bar, called “The unStable”. We serve a drink called “Unicorn Tears”, which is vodka & pink lemonade. We also serve ice cold water to those who prefer.

4. AM Coffee – making and serving early morning coffee to burners

5. Bob’s $1 Ice Cream Project – wander the city giving out ice cream bars. Unfortunately we won’t be doing the Ice Cream Project in 2023.

6. Group potluck dinners – daily theme – We have a shared outdoor kitchen in our main private area. Groups of 4-5 will take care of bringing and cooking that night’s meal for the camp. We’ll have a theme for each night: for example: Taco Tuesday, Curry Wednesday, Pasta Thursday. [More Info]

7. Tear down camp – This is mandatory. Our Tear down days are Saturday and Sunday with final clean-up for those who stay on Monday. If you plan to leave on Sunday, then we’ll expect you to put in a lot of work on Saturday. If you plan to leave on Monday, we’ll expect more of you on Sunday. Don’t stay out all night drinking and carousing to the point you can’t be there to help us take down the camp.

  • Saturday: Take apart ball field and dome, and put in truck, MOOP camp
  • Sunday: Take apart lounge, kitchen, & tent area, and put in truck, MOOP camp
  • Monday: Finish loading truck, and doing final MOOP and raking of camp

More info:

Camp Awesomesauce