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What It Takes To Be a Unicorn!

  • help build and tear down the camp, depending on your own physical abilities. Staying out all night and/or being too out of it is not an acceptable excuse to not do your share. If you can come in the Friday before the Burn and stay until Monday or Tuesday after the Burn to help tear down everything, we will especially love you.
  • work two 3-4 hour shifts. A sign-up sheet will be put up in late July/early August. We’ll allow some personal selection but we’d like everyone to be fair and not take all the best shifts because you got there first. We might need to move people around to cover shifts but if you have something you specifically need to be elsewhere for, we’ll be amenable to that.
  • help with daily ice runs, garbage, repairs & fixes, cleaning, and organizing as needed.
  • be kind to each other and others
  • Pay dues. The early discount date is June 1. Dues go up after this date. All dues must be in by August 15.


Benefits of Camping with us?

  • We’re organized, drama free, experienced Burners. We’re fun and friendly people who will welcome you into our stable.
  • We’re small and have all met through Burning Man. None of us are from the same place. You won’t get lost in a crowd and you’ll have a safe space to come home to.
  • Shaded area for your tent, or place to park your RV
  • Camp Shower
  • A great location @ 7:15&D
  • Fun abounds at the unStable bar, and the Awesomeball field!
  • A shaded lounge (we’re doubling the size in 2023!), & 2 covered domes to hang out
  • Complete kitchen and dining area, 3 burner stove, flat-top grill, dish washing station, pots & pans, and other cooking utensils
  • Shared dinners created by our members each night
  • Trash, recycling and & can disposal
  • Common area lights
  • Bike repair station
  • Best of all – you get to be a unicorn!


What don’t we provide?

  • A ticket to Burning Man
  • Transportation to and from the Burn – though we might be able to help you with this, depending on where you’re coming from, and when you are coming and going
  • Shelter and bedding
  • Refrigeration, or eating utensils


How do I become a unicorn?

Our members usually sponsor other people. If you know a Unicorn, ask them to sponsor you! This year, however, we’re taking on new Uni-colts who aren’t sponsored. If you don’t know a Unicorn, but are interested in camping with us, click here.



Our main form of communication uses Facebook and Facebook messenger. Yes, lots of people hate Facebook, and yes there are better, more robust systems. We’ve tried them and we’re sticking with Facebook because it works for most people.
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