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    Meeting Minutes: 2024-02-29

    Section Leaders:

    • Harold: Build & Tear-down; Truck driver; Pre & post build
    • Vaike: Ball field; Design, decor & lighting
    • Michael: Kitchen, Shower
    • Bob: Coffee
    • ?????: Bar & Ball Shifts


    • 2024 Planning Budget

    • Bylaws

    • Non-Profit Status
      Next step: submit form 1024 to with payment of $600.00. Plan to complete this step in 2024.

    From Last Meeting:

    1. More flat shade structures I showed the preliminary map for 2024, showing new shaded areas for double size dining room (40×10), separate kitchen (20×10), same size lounge (20×10), and enclosed bar (20×20)
    2. Decor & Lights discussed pink tarps vs pink material vs canvas painting. Erin planned to look more into how we can protect painted canvases from cracking and mooping.
    3. New Logo Erin showed us some design ideas and we discussed what we liked and disliked about each.

    2024 Planning:

    1. Stewards Sale Tickets
      Everyone should have heard from me at this point about Stewards Sale tickets. Starting tomorrow the admin will open up and I can add everyone who will get an invitation.

      Please make your dues payment here asap:

      On March 8, the admin will close and everybody will be sent their invite through email. On March 13 at noon to March 15 at noon, you will be able to login to your Burner Profile and purchase 2 tickets and 1 vehicle pass.


    3. Camp Truck to Container
      I have arranged to rent a 28′ semi trailer container (it’s on wheels) for the camp at $350/month. This includes all OSS and BLM fees to get it to the burn and back out again. We will be meeting in Reno Apr 12-14 to clean out and organize the truck contents, and then move them to the container at Pyramid Lake. Rent payments are due starting June 2024.

      I spoke to another company, Brad Peik at Peik Construction. He has a yard in Reno where he rents containers only to Burners. They have a workshop with tools and everything a burner might want for work on stuff. He sells the containers to you and then you pay by the year for storage, transfer to the burn and back again, with all OSS and BLM fees included. I really wish we could afford this option, but it’s prohibitively expensive:

      Container purchase: $4250 (can be split between 2 years – $2125/year)
      Annual fees: $3850
      Total annual for 1st 2 years: $8100
      Total annual after 2 years: $3850


    5. Work Weekend: April 12-14, 2024 We will be meeting in Reno this weekend to re-organize and inventory the truck contents and hopefully move to a new container. Anyone is welcome to join us.

    7. Day Supervisors : Appoint a senior member each day who will also be on the first bar/ball shift for that day. It will be their responsibility to talk to everyone who has a shift that day and let them know what their responsibilities are. ie show up, buy ice, take recycling in, setup the bar, share the bar and ball responsibilities fairly, close the bar, and make sure the lights are turned on at sunset.

    Future discussion:

    1. Bike Tools

    3. Fridge/Freezer?

    5. Solar Power?

    Meeting ended at:


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