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The stickers we gave out in 2016!

Who are we?

We are a camp of Unicorns. Everything is shades of pink with unicorns as our theme. 

Each year we have between 25-30 people mostly from the USA and Canada, however we’re open to people who come from anywhere and everywhere. Our only central location is Black Rock City, NV. Most of us are not full time RVers or even RVers at all. Some of us are older, and some of us are quite young. The composition of our camp is different every year with a core group of people who come every year and also new faces each year. We accept all ages, races, genders, sexualities and abilities. Our only age bias is that you must be over 21 to camp with us. We do not tolerate intolerance except to make sure we’re all adults.  

The truck we acquired in 2017!


Our main form of communication uses Facebook, Facebook messenger and email. Yes, lots of people hate Facebook, and yes there are better, more robust systems. We’ve tried them and we’re sticking with Facebook because it works for most people.

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