Annual Meeting Minutes: 2023-11-14

As per the Awesomesauce Bylaws created in July 2023, we are required to have 1 annual meeting per year to discuss the future short and long term goals of the camp and vote on anything the camp decides is important at that time. These are the minutes for our 1st annual meeting on 2023-11-14.


  1. Tracey
  2. Harold
  3. Vaike
  4. Michael
  5. Hela
  6. Bob
  7. Chris
  8. Suzanne
  9. Jill
  10. Erin
  11. Cameron
  12. Lydia
  13. Liz

Section Leaders:

  • Harold: Build & Tear-down; Truck driver; Pre & post build
  • Vaike: Ball field; Design, decor & lighting
  • Michael: Kitchen, Shower
  • Bob: Coffee
  • ?????: Bar & Ball Shifts

Since last meeting:

  • Non-Profit Status
    Next step: submit form 1024 to with payment of $600.00. Plan to complete this step in 2024.

  • Camp Truck
    Insurance on the truck has been Cancelled

  • 2024 Planning Budget
  • 2023 Final Budget

New business:

  1. Bylaws
  2. Voting Members: Unanimous vote Yes. A “member in good standing” pertains to being allowed to vote at our annual general meeting each November. Change the requirements to mean any member who has camped with us in the past, has no outstanding dues payable, at the discretion of the Officers of the camp.
  3. Board Members: Unanimous vote Yes. Add Michael Colton, Jill Duckstein and Chris Riley as Vice Presidents. We will also keep the existing board members. Tracey Wright as President & Treasurer, Sean Hayes as Vice President and Kara Stapley as Secretary.
  4. Membership fees: Unanimous vote Yes. Raise membership fees to $300 per year, less $50 if paid before June 1 of each year. Early dues will still be required before Stewards Sale tickets will be given out.
  5. Container: Unanimous vote Yes. Move forward with renting a 28′ semi trailer for $350 per month. This amount includes all fees for storage, and transport to the playa.
  6. Camp Truck: Unanimous vote Yes. Sell or otherwise get rid of the truck once we have moved to the semi trailer.
  7. Day Supervisors : Unanimous vote Yes. Discussed and decided we will appoint a senior member each day who will also be on the first bar/ball shift. It will be their responsibility to talk to everyone who has a shift that day and let them know what their responsibilities are. ie show up, buy ice, take recycling in, setup the bar, share the bar and ball responsibilities fairly, close the bar, and make sure the lights are turned on at sunset.


Planning for 2024:

  1. Work Weekend: April 12-14, 2024 We will be meeting in Reno this weekend to re-organize and inventory the truck contents and hopefully move to a new container. Anyone is welcome to join us.
  2. More flat shade structures I showed the preliminary map for 2024, showing new shaded areas for double size dining room (40×10), separate kitchen (20×10), same size lounge (20×10), and enclosed bar (20×20)
  3. Decor & Lights discussed pink tarps vs pink material vs canvas painting. Erin will look more into how we can protect painted canvases from cracking and mooping.
  4. New Logo Erin showed us some design ideas and we discussed what we liked and disliked about each.
  5. Bike Tools Future discussion
  6. Fridge/Freezer? Future discussion
  7. Solar Power? Future discussion