Welcome to Camp Awesomesauce!


In 2024 we will be on the corner of 7:15 & G!

Camp Awesomesauce was formed in 2014 with the goal of keeping our playa family together while finding ways to give to the citizens of Black Rock City.


Feel the ball! Be the ball!

Ever wonder what the ball feels like when you’re watching the game? Now’s your chance to find out! Come join us for Awesomeball, and strap in for an exhilarating experience. Safe inside a cushioned see-through sphere, you’ll find new ways to move.

All that bouncin’ got you working up a sweat? 

Stop into the unStable and we’ll top you off with an ice cold cup of Unicorn Tears (may or may not be sourced from actual unicorns).

Where Are We?

Since 2014, we’ve bounced around all over the place:

2024: corner of 7:15 & G
2023: 7:15 & D
2022: 6:45 & B
2021: Double Waaaah!!!
2020: Waaaah!!!
2019: 3:45 & E
2018: 2:30 & E
2017: 2:15 & A
2016: 6:45 & C
2015: 7:45 & F
2014: 6:50 & E

Camp Awesomesauce