Camp Details

The stickers we gave out in 2016!


How big are we?

25 or so members of Camp Awesomesauce will be out on the playa in 2017.  The camp at large is around 65 folks.


How do people join?

Camp membership is offered by invitation only at this time.  We need to make sure we don’t grow too fast so we’re mainly bringing in friends/family.



The truck we acquired in 2017!



What sort of focus does the camp have?

Collective camp management. Previously we did this without schedules, meetings, or camp dues.

This year we’re changing things: setting up organizational groups, Awesomeball schedules, and instituting dues for the first time. We can’t do the things we want and have the infrastructure we want without becoming a little more formal.







Where are camp members from?

Everywhere!  Camp Awesomesauce is made up of people from over a dozen states and half a dozen countries.





Our Awesomeballs resting for the night!



What activities does the camp offer?

What might draw you to the camp are our huge Awesomeballs! They are large air-filled balls you get inside, strap on, and do combat against each other in!





We like to interact with our community and with denizens of the city as they pass through our neighborhood on a near constant basis.  Camp members are up at all hours of the day and night and we’ve been known to serve food, offer lights to the unlit, and will always share our company.


Look us up and stop on by in 2017 at 2:15 & Awe!