About Awesomesauce


Who Are We?

We were formed in 2014 with the goal of keeping our playa family together.  Another camp many of us had been in for years was calling it quits and those of us still coming to Black Rock City had strayed quite a bit from the original idea.



The obvious solution was to reorient ourselves around something new.  Thus Camp Awesomesauce came together with the simple goals of getting everyone back home, making sure we’re all taking care of ourselves and each other, and leaving no trace of our time in the desert.




What Do We Do?

The big draw to our camp are our huge Awesomeballs! They are big air-filled, plastic balls you strap on and do combat against eachother!  Stop on by!




Where Are We?

In 2014, Camp Awesomesauce could be found at 6:50 and E after snagging our space in the land grab.

In 2015, we were able to set up shop at 7:45 & F, right next door to our friends at L3K (they put the light ring around the man).





In 2016, we were at 6:45 & C.




This year, 2017, we’ll be at 2:15 & Awe – that’s Awe for Awesomesauce and Awe for Awesomeballs!